How We Can Grow Our Writing Skills

Writing skills improvement is a necessary for every blogger and content marketer to determine the goals and do everything in an organized way.

If you are a content writer or have a business around writing different types of articles and yet to take your job to the next levels then the best way to do it "grow your writing skills".

Yes, here we are not talking just about improving your writing skills but also growing them so that you will not end-up with just one type of writing style.
How We Can Grow Our Writing Skills
As most of the professionals and trainers will tell you to have one unique writing style and stick on that one. Here, I recommend you to try everything new in writing techniques and everyday try to grow your writing skills with new additions.

So read my quick recommendations and help yourself to grow writing skills and be the best writer:


First of all you have to be a keen reader and read something on a daily basis. That something be anything like:
  • Newspaper
  • Blog posts
  • Books
  • Official notes and announcements
  • Advertisements
  • Other content
There is something around you wherever you are and you can do read everywhere. As internet is with you, you can easily open any medium and start reading. All you have to do is just make it your hobby and every day you wake-up start the day with reading.

This way you will easily grow your writing skills and add new words, sentences, directions and styles to your writing practices.


This is another great way to make your writing grow on your own findings and formulas. By research I mean to say that you should create a set of targets to achieve as soon as possible and that targets can be:
  • Reading a whole newspaper in one day
  • Finding a source of information and finding points on that source
  • Getting views of people on something and then reading them and rating them
  • Finding relative to your industry/niche questions on Quora and then answering them
There are many other ways to research for improving your writing skills and these researches should be relative to your industry and the topics you are interested in.

Plus this you can do research on new type of text editors, formats, styles, fonts, tools and other relative things.

Be creative and brainstorm new ideas of researching for growing writing skills and you will surely find this method helpful for you. Just give it a try.


While you are trying to grow writing skills, the most needy step is to eliminate some words from your writings and change your style of writing every next week or at-least once in a month.

How could I eliminate words from my writing style? This is something everybody will ask after reading above paragraph and here's the answer:
  • Write an article about a topic and type at-least 500 words
  • Now go to a writing tool and check most common words
  • Check what are the words you are using the most times in the article
  • Note what are the words you can remove from your writing and still the article is in good standing
This way you will be able to know the words you are forcefully adding to the article and the words you are typing in every article you write.

Just make sure that whenever you write on a different topic, your writing should be in a totally new style and don't repeat the first topic style.


If you are going to be a great writer then you must have first crappy drafts and you will hate your first drafts as they will look crazy to you.

No doubts that everybody who writes have something written in his notebook which he don't want anybody to read.

So don't worry if your first articles are not that good and you don't want anybody to read that because of their low-quality status. This happens to almost everyone. So its not that bad. Just make sure you are:
  • Trying to fix problems in your drafts
  • Re-taking the same topics for next writings
  • Improve that articles with removing and adding new sentences
  • Get advice on the topics and read others on same topic
These are some tips to make sure that you are not crunching your first drafts and making them great for you and the best way to make your first and next drafts great you should brainstorm ideas then note them on a paper and after this start typing. You will easily have a great draft.


Not its time to start writing your first articles and make them unique with your learning material. You should make yourself fresh before writing an actual article and for this you can do these things:
  • Take a cool bath
  • Sit tight and relax yourself on your study table in front of your laptop
  • Now don't think and pick a topic from your bucket list
  • Start writing
Yes, you don't need to do research or read something relative before writing an article. Just go ahead and start writing whatever comes in your mind. As if you start thinking in the first lines then you will have to read others, research on that sayings and then end-up deciding not to write on the topic as everything has been said on particular topic already.

So, its better to start writing and after hitting at-least 300 words of introduction to the topic you can do the research, read others and have more knowledge to share in your article. This is what I do for my blog writings and found this as an amazing way to leverage internet and create out standing content.

If you are still not sure about how to grow your writing skills then come and ask your questions in the comment form below. I will be happy to answer you with custom tips. Thanks!