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Interview with Santanu Debnath of BloggingJoy on

This interview with Santanu Debnath of "A Blogging Master from Hyderabad" will help newbie bloggers to know what blogging can give them and how they can make it large. He also revealed his biggest earning in a month with an event blogging on the Black Friday niche.

Read the entire interview carefully and understand how Debnath started in 2007 and succeeded in the blogging world that he made over $10K in one month, you can implement his tips and grow your blogs to earn $10,000+ per month.

Hi, How are you?

I am good and thank you for inviting me to your blog.

How you got into blogging?

Well, back in 2007 when I first started looking for the various ways to earn money online I discovered many money-making programs. The majority of them were scams. But in that process, I was looking for genuine ways to earn money and finally, discovered the Google AdSense program. I read a lot of articles related to Google AdSense and finally understood how to start a blog & make money online blogging.

Your biggest (one month) earning till now?

I think it was around $10,000 during 2019 Black Friday Sale. I have shared a detailed case study on that where I have mentioned each & every detail. Event blogging is profitable and this was the first time when we tried and got some success.

What's your time-table for blogging?

I mostly write on weekends, as I am busy with my full-time profession. Besides my work and personal priorities, whatever time I get I always spend that for blogging. I love to read more blogs, follow bloggers to understand how they work, engage with people on different Facebook groups to make friends and help people. I don't follow any particular time-table for blogging. It's my passion and I utilize all my free time for that.

How you manage all of your online work?

As I have mentioned, I don't set any target or expectations in blogging. I just love to write articles, read more & share. Besides that, my wife is in the Digital Marketing industry and she is also a blogger. So help me a lot in everyday blogging activities.

What SEO Tools you Recommend?

If budget is not an issue, Ahrefs & SEMrush are 2 of the best SEO tools without any doubt. Recently Neil Patel's Ubersuggest has also come up as a good option. But accuracy wise Ahrefs & SEMrush are the best.

What is Your Greatest Failure?

I don't consider any failure as the greatest failure of my life. I did many mistakes and that's how I learned things in my life. I am aware of that and I feel good about that. Even though there are many great examples, many tips & tricks, but a person always learns through his/her mistakes only. Until and unless you realize what you can do, no one else can teach you something. Specifically in blogging, in my initial years, I took too much time to start a blog on WordPress, that's one big mistake I would like to mention in my blogging journey. In 2012, after 5 years I shifted to WordPress and from then I never looked back.

Do you read and comment on other blogs?

Yes, blog commenting is one of my favorite blogging activities. Nowadays blog commenting has lost its glory. But in earlier days, this was one of the best ways to create backlinks and engage with other bloggers in your niche.

Adsense or Affiliate? What's your favorite?

I tried both and in my initial days of blogging, I mostly earned through AdSense only. But as soon as I realized the potential & power of affiliate marketing, I started focusing more on Affiliate Marketing. Right now, my AdSense income is almost negligible.

How do you Motivate yourself for Writing Blog Posts?

I have many good blogging friends who always support my work. Besides that, from my experience, many people are getting help and they connect to let me know about that. So, I feel a huge responsibility to share genuine information and knowledge, so that everyone can learn things for free. This is a big responsibility and my driving force to write articles on my blog continuously.

How you Search Relative Keywords?

I don't do deep keyword research as I always write on necessary topics related to my blog niche. When I pick a topic, I always make sure to cover all the necessary long tail versions of these keywords to create a detailed guide. For keyword optimization, I use Rank Math SEO Plugin.

What's Your Favorite Blogging Niche?

I just love to read & write about Blogging & WordPress. Yes, this is my most favorite blogging niche in which I have shared lakhs of Words on my blog & other blogs through guest posting. Besides that, I have a huge interest in Personal finance too. I also run a blog named with a focus on Indian Personal Finance.

Is Logo and Favicon Essential for A Blog?

Yes, branding is everything in 2020. One must invest to create a good logo & favicon if he/she is serious about blogging.

Should we update our blogs Frequently?

Yes, content updation frequency is a great way to let search engines know about the freshness of your content. This is one of the major ranking factors that many people will not tell. I have tested the same during last year’s Black Friday when we updated the articles regularly and found good ranking improvements over time.

When a newbie can expect to earn with a new blog?

I don't think there is any straight forward answer to this question. Earning depends on many factors like in which niche you are blogging, what monetization technique you are using etc. E.g. in affiliate marketing, you can earn money quickly if you find a good product keyword which has less competition. At the same time, in the case of Google AdSense, you need huge traffic to earn money. Besides that, if you are ready to provide blogging related services like content writing, SEO service, etc. then you can earn money easily. How fast you can learn and implement them will decide how quickly you can earn money from a new blog.

Something for's readers?

Your blog is simply amazing and has a lot of content. I know it is difficult to manage such a huge blog with diversifying content. Keep sharing more such awesome content and educate people.

Will you be there for helping new bloggers?

Yes, I am always available to help people. I run a Facebook group, The Bloggers Team where I share useful blogging tips, my personal experiences, and also connect with many awesome bloggers. Thanks!

We pay thanks to Santanu Debnath that he shared his secrets and success story with our readers.