6 Ways to Promote Your Small Business Without Social Media

6 Ways to Promote Your Small Business Without Social Media

Today's online world is all about social media networking and people are busy scrolling Facebook timelines, checking new videos on TikTok, and watching web-series on Netflix, not to forget the big ones "YouTube" and Twitter. Then we have Instagram, Snapchat, and WhatsApp with various other social media apps that are consuming almost 80% to 90% of our data plans on a daily basis. This is how much people are attached to social media today and still, there's a large number of internet users who don't open a social media app and tend to read articles, find new happenings, and open other websites and apps on their smartphones rather than wasting time on social media. This is where you can advertise your small business and grab some quality leads. Yes, online advertising is way beyond the social media networks and works pretty well with low investment. As here we are sharing some of the best solutions on how to promote your business without using social media, we will make sure that these methods don't put a burden on your pocket.

As digital marketing outside of social media looks incomplete, it is fruitful and has its own advantages. As creating a fake profile or page of any company or a person is easier than ABC on social media apps, if you do other tasks and let your fans handle the social media, it will bring more fruitful results than you can expect by spending resources on managing social media profiles that may not give you more revenue for a small business you are running today. So, read what you can do without social media to promote your small business to the right audience:

1. Email Marketing

The first thing that comes to my mind for advertising out of social media is using email marketing as the best way. It is cost-effective and works better than any other method. All you have to do is just install an email subscription box on your website or ask your clients to provide their email when purchasing things at your physical store. This will help you to target your own customers who are already interested in your products or services and they looked at you once. This will bring more trust to your small business and people will recognize you easily and better.

After collecting 100+ emails, you can start sending promotional messages, coupons, and news updates to your clients and to verify that email marketing is working for you, you have to focus on your email open rate and for this, you can use any good email marketing software. 

2. Guest Blogging

Writing content for other blogs and websites is one of the most effective techniques that work for small businesses and as well as for international brands. You can give life to your eCommerce business by writing for other bloggers and authors and allowing them to publish your articles on their blogs and websites under their author names or your own. You can ask for a dofollow or a nofollow backlink with or without your author bio and by all these means, you will get its benefits. All you have to do is just make sure the sites or blogs you are choosing to submit a guest post to are relevant to your business and industry. Those sites should be relative to your industry as they will help you boost your ranking in Google and other search engines.

For example, if your business about carpets and you are linking to a law-related website, you gained a bad-backlink. You should go for a lifestyle blog or a home-decor related website. It will suit your niche and help you bring more organic traffic that will lead to more sales.

3. Attend Events

There are conferences and events happening around in your locality, go there and represent your company. You can search for local events and large-meetings online by searching for local events near me or asking your friends and colleagues to tell you whenever they listen about an event happening in town. This will help you build trust and let people know about you and your business straight from your mouth. This is the perfect way to forget about social media marketing and do physical marketing by going eye-to-eye.

4. Press Release

Do you know how those big brands are getting frequent mentions on big news websites? and they all are getting more attention whenever they launch a new product? Well, all of those brands are doing PR (Press Release Distribution) and it works for small businesses too. Yes, you can make a list of local newspapers and websites which are publishing news content on a daily basis and have some readership. Then contact their editors and ask for publishing your PR about your business or products. Some will ask for money and some will ask for your product in return for publishing your press release. There will be some publishers who will publish your press release for free. Yes, this could happen if you can create awesome content and your product is related to what the publisher is already posting about.

5. Grassroots Marketing

If you are looking to fully go offline and let people talk about your brand offline and online, you can go for grassroots marketing that will not take many resources and will bring awesome results. You have to be creative for this method or hire a creative person who can represent your small business as the best one in town. You have to pick a group of people or an area where you think your message should be displayed and the best area could be a zebra crossing on a busy road or a footpath at a busy street. You can paint your message on streets, roads, walls, and go for vehicles too. This will bring extra attention to your business and people will start noticing your products.

6. Giveaways

Try holding some giveaways on your website and in your physical stores. Ask people to type their email address and grab a special discount on your website or hold some giveaways and ask people to buy products in your stores or at your eCommerce website and get a chance to win a particular product. You can even hold some lottery-type giveaways where anybody can get registered and take part in the raffle. It will excite more people to know about your products and soon you will notice an increase in your business growth.

So, what type of promotional activity you will do to avoid social media marketing?

Let us know and we will talk about that method in another blog post.