6 Work-at-Home Jobs for Moms without Start-up Fee and Experience

6 Work-at-Home Jobs for Moms without Start-up Fee and Experience
There are people who we call shy, reticent and typically self-centered persons but they also need to make money for themselves and survive like all of us.

However, the best thing is we all are introverts in many meanings of the lifelike when we have to work under a boss, we all don't want this to happen and we all want to work on our own hours and work as we want.

Still, everybody is working on their conditions created generally by others like their parents and by God or their bosses and husbands. If we listen to the reality there are moms who want to work for their families and many of them don't want to leave their homes as they have to be there for their families.

For them, I have researched a little and found these top 6 work-at-home jobs that moms at home can adopt and easily earn money online.

So read about how you can do these work at home jobs for moms with no fees or experience required and start making money online working from home:

1. Pinterest Virtual Assistant

If you can be an assistant to someone and do your job on a terms basis then being a personal virtual assistant for Pinterest marketing campaigns is the best online job for you.

If you can use Facebook or any other social media network then you can manage Pinterest and make money managing Pinterest marketing campaigns for digital agencies and other professional bloggers or internet marketers.

There are platforms hiring Pinterest VA on a contract basis and they do pay nice. The thing is what does a Pinterest VA (social media manager) do? and the answer is here:
  • You have to manage the account(s) of your clients on their terms
  • You have to pin or repin on Pinterest
  • You also have to join groups and interact with other Pinterest users
  • You have to spread a word on Pinterest and make a community around your client's Pinterest account
  • The final part is to do everything which can gain followers and let others repin your pins
This is all a Pinterest VA has to do and make money online. If you are a mom and love to work online but don't want to leave your home then this online job for moms at home is the best way to earn some dollars while you can select your hours of work and be active in family activities.

I know many moms working as a Pinterest VA and they have established a personal Pinterest VA business. If you can do this job then don't worry about how much you can earn managing Pinterest. It will be as much as you can work.

2. Content Writing

Many moms can write and they love it. But there are some in-home difficulties that they can't have full-time or even a part-time writing job. However, that's not the case with the internet.

Here everybody can write and get paid for his writings. If you are a work at home wife or a mom who wants to work from home then an online content writing job is the 2nd best choice for you. As it will provide you more money than other jobs and you can have your time to complete the small writing tasks which many platforms can provide you.

All you have to do is just make sure you are good at typing on a keyboard and have a good sense of humor.

As bloggers and companies are hiring humans for content writing jobs and they want them to write engaging content that can be utilized to gain more traffic on their websites. So if you can write, here are some platforms to find paid writing jobs:
  • Freelancer.com
  • Fiverr.com
  • Guru.com
The above 3 platforms are the top and best 3 platforms for finding freelance writing gigs and paid content writing jobs online.

One thing I want you to consider is to make sure you can write for the websites as you will be provided keywords or topics and they will send some bullet points as the terms of writing the article.

You have to create a new article on the same topic sent by the client and after his/her approval you will get paid.

So the best way to write effectively is to use their keywords to find relative articles and then read those articles to write your copy and use headings, numbered lists, and bullet points for formatting content as nicely as possible.

3. Taking Surveys

This is our 3rd way for moms to earn money online by working at home and this is not a key to becoming rich quickly but a most famous way to earn money online without spending or giving any fee.

As there are many platforms providing surveys for free, you also don't need any kind of experience to take surveys online and get paid. There are many websites and platforms and even some smartphone applications available for free to join and submit your details so they will invite you to complete question-to-answer sheets and submit them then after their approval you will get paid to survey online.

There is no catch in this online job and every mom at home can do it easily. So here are the best platforms to join for paid to survey jobs:
  • Surveys.Google.com
  • SurveySavvy.com
  • InboxDollars.com
And I have posted a list of other best paid to survey sites in a recent article. You can read that and know other high paying survey sites.

With survey jobs online you can make $1 to $20 per survey and it depends on your age, living area, country, education, and interest.

So it's better to join these survey sites to get paid for surveys when you are in the U.S. or UK as many companies do pay for surveys in these areas and moms can easily earn money using these websites. So if you are a mom who wants to work at home then join these survey sites now.

4. Make Money Blogging

The most exciting and wonderful online job for moms is blogging. This is the best ever job which you can start from today and start making money out of your blog in the next 6 months.

Yes, all you have to do is create a blog and start posting content for at least 6 months on your favorite topic. Then you can apply for Google adsense and start showing ads on your blog, for each ad-click you will earn money and for each 1000 ad-views, you will earn money.

This is the beauty of blogging that everybody can earn money just by posting regular content and driving traffic to their blogs. If you really want me to show how you can make money blogging then here's the quick guide:
  • Start a blog on Blogger or WordPress (its free with sub-domain)
  • Select a topic (for a mommy blogger parental guides and home decor is a good topic)
  • Start posting regular content with images and give your personal tips
  • Ask your friends to share your blog posts and drive some traffic
  • Apply for Google adsense and start showing ads on your blog to make money online
There are many other ways to make money blogging after driving good traffic and some of them are affiliate marketing, sponsored content, ad sales, sponsorships, and more.

If you can post content regularly or at least 2 times a week then you are a good fit for this online job. So dear work from home as a mom and earn money for your kids.

5. Selling Images

This may require you to have a smartphone or a DSLR camera with you and take photos of random things in your home like food, chair, room corner, sky view, and garden flowers.

You can also take photos of your kids and model them with different outfits, capturing their eyes and smiles.

These photos can make you money and this the easiest way for mom to make money online. If you can take photos then you can join these platforms and sell them:
  • Shutterstock (get paid per download)
  • PixaBay, Pexels, Unsplash (you get donations)
  • GettyImages
You can Google these platforms and signup for their partner accounts. After uploading your photos they will confirm the quality and show your photos to the public with watermarks and whenever someone will download your photo you will get paid.

On PixaBay, Pexels, and Unsplash it's different, as it's free to download images platform you can easily upload your daily captures and inspire the users who download your images so that they will donate a coffee with your PayPal account.

6. Online Transcription Jobs

There are people and companies who need you as a transcription expert and they do pay well. If you can listen to English in an audio format and type what you are listening to or you can transcript a podcast or a video file then this is what you can do and work from home for earning a handsome income.

There are companies dedicated to this job and they hire transcription experts on a contract basis. If you can work on this job and would like to offer your services then you can join Fiverr or simply register at Rev.com which is a dedicated platform for this online job.

It may be time-consuming and hard work but worth your time and you can easily do it before going to bed or after waking in the morning.

You can select your hours of work and get paid for each transcription job you complete.

So, for now, these are the top and best work-at-home jobs for moms with no fees or experience and I hope you will try one of them to check your luck and make money online. Thanks for the read!