10 Reasons Why Your Email Marketing Is Not Working

10 Reasons Why Your Email Marketing Is Not Working
I was experimenting with email marketing to find how it works and whether its a great alternative to a social media marketing or today's message system "push notification", what I found is amazing and I am looking forward to sharing that with you.

While exploring the possibilities of email marketing and making my own strategies to increase email marketing ROI, I was able to address my weak points and adjust my email marketing campaigns accordingly to the product I was promoting.  One of the things you need is email drip campaigns.

So, now you can get an idea of how you can do email marketing in the right way and generate more leads, more traffic and increase your return on investment as easily as possible.

Read the main reasons why your email marketing isn't working and how you can fix those issues:

1. Targetting The Wrong Audience

Most of the time your email lists have been collected from platforms where you can divide them with interest and geography. You should unleash the categorizing power of your mind and create lists of emails based on their locations and interests.

You can do it by collecting emails from your website as a survey and also another option is to give some gift and for that ask people to complete a little survey where you can collect their emails and ask for their interest and location info.

This is probably the only way to increase email open rate and climb the industry standards of low email reach which can lead your emails to stuck at spam folder.

2. Spammy Subject Line

As you know the quicker you can grab the attention of your email subscribers, the quicker you can have them read your emails.

To make it happen in just a few seconds, you have to write eye-catching and attention-grabbing email subject lines. Your subject line should be clear, short and exciting so that the email subscriber will open your message to see what's inside.

Your subject line should be no more than 41 characters and it should represent the actual thing you are offering, talking about or sharing inside the email and it shouldn't look spammy.

For example, if you are telling people who they can earn money online then write a headline like "Read How You Can Earn $20 Per Day with Easy Work" don't write things like "This Guy Is Making Millions Per Day" or "Get Insides About How You Can Earn Thousands of Dollars Per Day".

No doubts that people will open these spammy titles first and quickly, but what if some of them clicking on the mark as spam button? your efforts will go in a van.

3. Text-Heavy Email Templates

Most of the times your email marketing strategy fails because of your text-heavy emails. All you have to do is add visuals to your emails and make use of HTML/CSS templates.

I am not saying that you should start sending image-based emails. You should use text but it should be less then what your story is all about.

You should make the reader curious about your offer, product or announcement and make the email texts force that reader to come to your website where you have all the details.

Don't reveal everything in an email template, make readers open your site for getting all the information that will increase your traffic, branding, and sales.

4. Sending Everything In One Email

Since the first day of having my email account, I am receiving emails and when I started to create my own email strategy, I found that nobody likes to click on the links in emails (especially when there are more than 2/3 links).

Nobody loves to click on any link and just avoid that message. That's when I decided to send emails with just one or a maximum of two hyperlinks.

I suggest you send one email per product or announcement. Don't bother your email list subscribers to not open your emails, make them feel great by offering just one link or two for which they can easily choose and finally open them to see what you are offering in real-time.

5. Not Adding A Call-To-Action

Call-to-action (CTA) is the best way of getting more website visitors and making them know about your offers. You should add a CTA in every email you send to any kind of your email list.

The perfect CTA is all about making people click on that big button and drive them to your own website for generating leads that you need.

For creating an outstanding CTA button, you can use HTML/CSS or even a PNG image and hyperlink that to the offer-page. You should add that CTA between the email-body or at the end of your email message and your CTA should have a clear message like Download, Grab The Offer, Get Your Coupon and other call-to-action lines that are suitable for your business.

6. Sending Emails Without Consent

This is not a new factor here, as GDPR is making marketers to know what consent is really about, the email marketing is becoming a lot easier.

Now digital marketers know that sending emails without the recipient's permission will bring low ROI and have a negative impact on the brand.

So, it's better if you can ask for permission before sending any promotional email and avoid buying email lists, scraping emails from social networks or other platforms, don't send emails to people who haven't subscribed or personally given their emails to you.

You should create different campaigns to grab emails with permission to send promotional emails so that you will be at the safe side.

7. Sending Emails Without A Calendar

That's creepy when you are sending emails without a schedule or calendar, you are making your email subscribers to unsubscribe from your emails and even put you on their spam list.

So, the only way to make them feel happy with your emails is to send your messages on a fixed time frame with fixed dates that they will become flexible too.

If possible and your email marketing software is allowing you to get data about when your subscribers want to see your emails like date and time then you should collect that data and put your emails on schedule according to the subscriber's choices.

To make life even easier, create email drip campaigns and schedule them. Sequences of email follow-ups will be sent automatically according to the schedule and the actions the recipients perform.

8. Your Emails Are Not To The Topic

Every email you send should be about a relevant topic, it should be on one topic and talk about that topic only.

If you are sending emails about discount offers and including highly-priced products with other things like recommendations and extras, the recipient will leave and unsubscribe to your emails.

So, its better to be on the topic and talk about just one topic per email.

9. Your Email Copies Are Outdated

Every email you send should be unique, with a new topic and new offer or announcement. You should never use old email templates or copies.

Why? the problem is nobody likes to read the same email again and again with some replaced text or images. They are the humans, they want something exciting and new in their email inboxes.

So, do your best and design your email copies from whole new levels with totally new text and new visuals (you can spare your branding logo and colors).

10. No Direct Interacting

If you are talking to your email subscribers, you should talk to one person and not use words like "You All" or "All of You" instead of this, add names of individuals in the first line of your email, this also the reason why I asked you to collect data from your subscribers by creating surveys.

As in survey completion, you will have name, interest and other data about every email account in your list and you can use that data with almost every email marketing software to send emails with correct names and target every individual in your email marketing differently.

So, these are the top 10 main reasons why your email marketing campaigns are not working properly and resulting lowest ROI.

If you can fix these issues and follow my guidelines, you will surely be able to increase email open rates and have a great return on investment.

However, to get answers to your question, you can comment and I will reply ASAP.