9 Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes To Avoid In 2023

9 Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes To Avoid In 2023
2023 is here and 2024 is ahead of us and we have to prepare for this new year as every business will take some serious steps to skyrocket their earnings and give more authority to their work which will surely affect other small businesses.

If you are a digital agency or you have a website or any type of online business and looking to generate more revenue this new year then you have to follow some guidelines on social media marketing and also avoid some mistakes.

As social media can drive you more sales and help you easily generate new leads, you have to avoid doing mistakes.

There are a number of things that social media marketers have to keep in mind before creating a great social media strategy and the same thing applies to destroying a successful social media plan which can make or break your entire marketing strategy.

So if you want to get more brand awareness, customer engagement, lead generation and highest revenue on investment then go through these 9 common social media marketing mistakes which you should avoid:

1. Not Setting Goals

Creating a huge brand presence and making that keep on growing day by day can be possible with social media marketing but when you are not setting goals and just updating your social media profiles then how you can generate revenue or know your exact return on investment?

This is what many of the new social media marketers forget about and after spending a lot on getting Facebook page likes and Twitter followers and finding that it's not working they stuck in this and think that now they have to quit on social media marketing.

That's why I say you should set some goals in the first place and here's how to set social media marketing goals:
  • Create a plan for investing in social media advertising campaigns
  • Set a goal to reach a minimum cost per lead
  • Set small goals like getting 1k likes or 10 leads per day
  • Keep on creating new goals whenever you accomplish your first one
Don't forget to set different marketing goals after completing first and 2nd, keep this with you, and always have different and worth an investment goal which is generating you more new customers.

2. Wrong Targeting

After creating some goals the next big thing to understand and work on is to select the right audience or find your target.

As when you are targeting the wrong audience then whatever you spend will be like throwing money in the trash of social media networks.

How to target the right audience?
  • Use Facebook's advertising platform and find the best audience
  • Always try to target local social media users
  • Run ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter together
  • Use relative #hashtags in boosted updates
Don't try to trick social media sites by launching ad-campaigns from irrelevant accounts and pages. That can't help you in getting a good ROI and it will also take your business at risk.

3. Multiple Social Media Profiles

This is what every 2nd marketer is doing right now, but it will not work in 2023. As of many algorithms at social media networks and now everybody is spending more energy and money on increasing brand awareness you shouldn't use multiple profiles at one social media network.

I personally experienced this by creating two pages for one brand and their 2nd page on which they have invested money for ads and content is not working as great as their first one.

Why? because their original page is circulated in their targeted audience and people trust on the first one more than the 2nd page.

That's why you should keep one page or profile at every network and work on that one page or profile as people will think that the 2nd page or profile is fake one.

4. Over Promotions

Go ahead and check some Facebook pages for big companies like OLX and more. They are not updating the content on social media profiles and pages which is relative to the community or interacts with their audience.

They are just updating the social media accounts for promotional purposes and always try to post about themselves not about their targets like country issues and events, community interests, testimonials and hot in the news topics.

This is something nobody will like when you are a small business and posting fake updates just to promote your business.

How to avoid over promotions?
  • Avoid posting promotional updates for every update
  • Try publishing about events and hot topics in news
  • Put people's faces on testimonial updates and show in a interactive graphic design
  • Have advertising campaigns about your special offers and discounts or events
Don't dare to always on paid advertising campaigns. Take some leaves and try investing money on advertising campaigns in different dates.

You can have paid campaigns for first week of the month and then leave everything as is for the rest of the month and then again in next month active your new campaigns.

This is how you can have successful advertising campaigns and avoid over promotions.

5. Wrong Reactions

If you react harshly, how you can expect a friendly reply from your customers?

In this case the telecommunication companies are good examples. They always do their best to interact with their customers and always keep on providing great support.

If you think that harsh replies to the comments on social media updates and giving wrong reactions to the customer inquiries can make you an authority in industry then its your wrong point of view.

You have to be professional and smooth for every user/customer query and reply them with some respective and loving words.

For example: when you get a comment on a Facebook update about bad services and you reply that person in rude behavior - other people on the same update will start posting that same experience and target you as a worst service.

But, when you reply to the same customer and say that "we apologize for any inconvenience and ask you to send us a report in inbox so we can help you" then others will also send you the errors they are facing and that's how you can easily manage your online business with the help of your own customer and audience.

6. No Strategy or Plan

If you don't have a customer build social media marketing strategy for your small business and even a big one then you will soon face a failed social media marketing campaign.


Because when you are investing in social media networks and creating your presence there for acquiring leads and making brand presence on networks where people really interact with the brands and then don't have content to update that pages and profiles you will end-up losing your social media presence.

This happens to those marketers which are not building custom plans for every business.

But, if you want to get strong social media presence then don't forget to have a strong publishing plan and have a social media publishing calendar.

Have some updates on schedule and always try to update your pages and profiles at-least 3 times a week.

7. Setting Everything on Autopilot

Setting updates, chats, and other things on autopilot and then forgetting to update social media accounts manually is something that will not work in 2023.

Nobody likes bots replying to their messages and they really make no sense when most of your customers are local and they are asking not-common questions about your products.

You shouldn't remove bots from reply to the queries, but always keep an eye on what people are asking and when you think its time to reply manually then do that.

Don't set everything on autopilot and then forget, you can schedule some updates and post some of them manually.

Automation is cool, but when your audience will start finding that you are not there and only bots are doing social media marketing for you than they will start avoiding your business. So try to interact with your customers, followers and lovers personally.

8. Not Using Analytics

A big mistake in social media marketing.

This is the biggest mistake you should avoid on any cost for taking your social media marketing game to the next levels in no time and save some money on advertising and social media management.

Social media experts always use build in analytics and managers use third-party software and dashboards.

If you want to take notes on ROI and know how much you should invest in social media and how much it can give you back or how your followers are interacting with your brand then you have to use analytics provided by every social media network.

The most amazing and useful analytics are being provided by Facebook pages (because it helps in checking performance metrics of your social media campaigns and updates) and they really help in getting highest return on investment.

9. Avoiding Videos

If in 2023 you avoid uploading videos to your social media accounts and don't have any plans for investing in social media video marketing then you are going to make the biggest mistake.


Because it is being said that by 2023 over 80% of the internet audience will be watching videos on websites, apps and social media networks.

As of recent big changes and rolling of Facebook video ad-breaks, content creators are turning to social media platforms for uploading videos and big players are also using videos to capture more leads.

You can also begin investing in creating product reviews and launch videos and upload them on your accounts or you can create informational videos and engage your audience.

In the end, if you are losing your social media presence then avoid these 9 common mistakes and start investing in promoting your Facebook page and invest in gaining more followers on Twitter.

Always do your best and hire a social media manager for managing all of your accounts and pages so that you can give more time to your business while your social media marketing is in active mode by the hands of your social media marketing management team.