How To Clean Your Road To Blogging?

How To Clean Your Road To Blogging?

To make your blogging journey easier and wonderful, you first have to clean your road to blogging and then ride at full speed.

Recently a reader of this blog asked me to tell him a timeline and strategy for cleaning his road to blogging so that he can easily adapt blogging as a full-time business.

So, I am here to tell you and him the exact points of blogging which I have experienced are a must.

Let's start by reading the first tip:

1. Read

Reading is one of the crucial and most important steps which you should take and help yourself to be successful.

I recommend you google some of your main keywords or ideas and start reading about them on blogs.

For example: If you are thinking to start a blog around your passion which is Music and looking to get some ideas then go ahead and google some keywords like "top 10 singers" and "my favorite singer".

You will get massive results and then you can read what others have to say.

Now do this kind of research at-least for a week and keep on reading others' thoughts and learn their way of writing an article.

2. Write

Go ahead and create your first free blog on or which will cost you nothing.

Start writing about your favorite things or try to rewrite what others have written already and check whether you can write like those successful bloggers or not.

If you are able to write like them then it's great, if you can't then don't worry and try to read more articles.
You can also read guides like "how to write content" and do blogging for money.

3. Watch

Reading and writing are not enough, you have to watch some videos.

Yes, in today's era video tutorials are much better than written ones and now you can enjoy watching videos like never before.

Just go ahead to YouTube and search for how to blog like a pro or how to create an awesome blog and start watching videos of Neil Patel, Brian Dean, Pat Flynn, and other professional bloggers.

They are making quality videos and guiding you to the right paths.

So do watch and get more tips and don't forget to watch videos from other guys as most of the unknown bloggers are doing great at YouTube.

4. Test

Don't bother yourself to create more than one blog and test out the outcomes.

You can simply create 3/4 blogs and then write on them, check which blog is better for you in terms of:
  • How much fun is to write for a blog
  • How many articles you can write for a particular blog
  • Is it hard to research topics for a blog?
  • Can you write for any particular blog for years?
If you can answer these questions in a positive way then you can choose that one blog and test that for your luck.

Testing can be done when you have at least 10 articles published on the blog and you should install Google Analytics and Webmaster Console.

Now submit sitemaps to Google and Bing and start posting on a daily basis to see whether your articles are being indexed or not.

Once Google starts indexing your articles on daily basis, start sharing them on social media accounts and gain some traffic.

5. Earn

Now as you have tested your road to blogging and your blog is now getting some traffic, it's time to test whether you can earn or not.

Remember, it's just a test blog and not your main blog.

Now go ahead and apply for Google adsense, and before this create about us, contact us and disclaimer pages.

You should wait for at least 6 months to apply for a Google adsense account and I know it's really too far for a test blog.

So it's better if you check the blog quality by applying for the Infolinks ad-network. If infolinks accepts your blog then chances are Google adsense will too.

If it's not happening then try to add more information in your articles and try to change the theme to a professional looking template.

If still, any ad-network is not accepting your blog, then it's time to leave that blog and test another blog.

Final words:

No doubts that learning to blog and then testing blogs is a really time-consuming and hard task. But it leads to higher profits and left you with a great blogging experience in many niches.

So, don't forget that you have to do hard and smart work in the blogging world.

If you still have any questions about how to clean your road to blogging then ask me in the comments or email me and I will answer you as soon as possible!